Therapeutic climbing

There is barely any other therapy that enables such concentrated and integrated exercise of all muscle regions. Therapeutic climbing is an ideal supplement to the treatment of patients having orthopaedic problems. Excellent results have been achieved even with stroke patients having signs of halfsided paralysis, in case of coordination dysfunctions owing to cerebral damage, multiple sclerosis and ataxia (improper movement coordination) in the context of neuro rehabilitation, with patients suffering from chronic pains and those suffering from vertigo. More about therapeutic climbing >>>

Our Philosophy

 "The human being is the focus of our attention! The holistic approach to the consideration of details, personalised therapies and the familiar ambience form the recipe for our success!"

University Professor Dr. Martin Nuhr

The Dr. Nuhr method

Die Dr. Nuhr Methode

Healing with the laws and forces of Nature

The therapies of physical medicine harness the laws and forces of Nature. Thus, for example, the element, water, is used for the most diverse therapies, whereby both the buoyancy and the temperature difference have a favourable impact.