Prevention is our concern

Prevention is an issue that is particularly important to the team of doctors and therapists at Nuhr Medical ® Center. Many diseases can be avoided through an appropriate lifestyle with a balanced diet, regular exercise and knowledge of targeted stress reduction. These include cardiovascular diseases, a number of metabolic disorders and musculoskeletal problems. Especially in the early stages, a deliberate change of everyday habits can bring about a significant benefit. The doctors and therapeutic team at Nuhr Medical ® Center will develop a customised treatment program with you according to your needs, that you can continue in your everyday life even at home.

*Nuhr spinal cord check
*Cardiovascular check
*Fitness check with weight management



Nuhr spinal cord check

Many musculoskeletal disorders do not even have to arise. With the Dr. Nuhr spinal column check, aberrations can be detected early and with aid of the appropriate therapies, they can be steered in the right direction. Poor posture developed in course of a particular occupation or diseases at an early stage usually require a small but targeted therapeutic effort to prevent permanent damage.


Cardiovascular check

Cardiovascular diseases are among the most common diseases in the western world. Especially in older adulthood they occur increasingly. Most of the heart attacks can be prevented with preventive measures. One focus of the internal medicine team at Nuhr Medical ® Center is the prevention and treatment of risk factors that can lead to heart attack and stroke.


Fitness check with weight management


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