Healing touch - massage and extensions

Massage is the oldest known form of therapy in human history. In any form of mechanotherapy, sufficient treatment time, the right dose and the continuous, individual treatment by the therapist are the prerequisites for success. Depending on individual requirements, the following mechanotherapeutic methods are used:


The manual regulation therapy according to Dr. Nuhr

Years of experience in manual therapeutic medical examinations and corresponding findings show that for a large part of the patients in search for well-being, the symptoms are not solely caused due to muscular tension, but also various other factors play a role: there may be spinal or joint blockages, problems with bones, cartilage, ligaments or connective tissue. Complex phenomena require complex treatment concepts. At least Univ.-Doz. Dr. Martin Nuhr came up with a new method that enables the therapist to work in a more focused, deeper and more efficient way with the patient than with a single measure: the manual regulation therapy according to Dr. Nuhr.




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