Oxygen therapy according to Prof. Ardenne

Oxygen is a fuel of the body cells. Humans can survive for weeks without food, exist a few days even without water, but will die after three minutes without oxygen. Prof. Arden who is based in Dresden discovered that the oxygen absorption and utilisation decreases with age and diseases to less than half of what it is in our youth. Stresses such as physical or emotional stress, lack of exercise, obesity, smoking, alcohol and environmental pollutants reduce the oxygen uptake.

The oxygen utilisation can be greatly improved by providing the body with excess oxygen in the form of an oxygen therapy (four to five times more than in normal air). Long-term effects can be achieved in weak, sick and elderly people, because the lack of oxygen supply to the cells is particularly pronounced in them. The increased oxygen supply or treatment with brine and/or aerosols takes place either at rest or via inhalation through a mask with active movement on a bicycle ergometer (Motomed therapy). Suitable for patients who suffer from a significant lack of stamina, but are at the same time under increased stress and have a very low concentration of oxygen in the blood. In case of drug inhalation therapy, drugs are inhaled in the form of gas with the oxygen.



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