Swimming pool

The essential difference to comparable pool facilities are the Schottertret (gravel) and bubble bath
The gravel provides training of the foot muscles, enhances the effect of the muscle pump and thus enhances the venous blood reflux. In addition, each step is a stimulus towards foot reflexology. The indifferent water temperature of 32 degrees enables optimum heat and movement therapy with minimal cardiovascular stress.
Underwater gymnastics - aqua fitness:
With aqua fitness, train your stamina, heart and blood circulation and strengthen the entire musculoskeletal system comprehensively - five times more effectively than on land. The water resistance against which you do your exercises, jog and jump is 900 times greater than in the air. If you want to intensify the muscle contraction that is needed, use resistance amplifier. Popular accessories include water boards or pool noodles. Under the water, you can perform the exercises slowly and smoothly, and the resistance prevents tearing and jerking movements.

All pool guests are welcome to join for the underwater gymnastics under expert guidance! Date: Tuesday to Friday at 15:00.
Aqua-Fit devices at Nuhr Center: After training by physiotherapists, you can always use our aquafit devices. Dates for the training can be obtained on the phone number 0043 (0) 2719 22210.




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