The Dr. Nuhr method

The pillars of the Dr. Nuhr method

The medical director of the Nuhr Medical ® Center Univ.-Doz. Dr. Martin Nuhr developed the Dr. Nuhr method based on the holistic view of the patient and the individual nature, intensity and regularity of therapies. With this concept, lasting success can be achieved. In practice, it looks like this: 

- Individuality: At the beginning, a thorough medical examination is carried out by one of our experienced spa and rehabilitation physicians. On this basis, an individually tailored treatment plan is drawn up together with the patient. Finally, a clear goal of therapy is defined.

- Intensity and regularity: Critical to the success of treatment is the intensity and regularity of treatments. It is also essential that the patient is supervised throughout his stay by his personal doctors and therapeutic team and does not have to constantly adapt to new supervisors. This has the advantage that the therapist can immediately see what effect his treatment had and can react accordingly. This increases the satisfaction of both the patient and the therapist, and creates an atmosphere of trust and well-being. Intensive therapies are offered at Nuhr Medical ® Center both on an outpatient as well as inpatient basis.

Nuhr Medical ® Center specialises in the treatment of:

• Symptoms of the general musculoskeletal system
• Spine and disc disease
• Rheumatic diseases
• Blood circulatory disorders
• Central and peripheral paralysis
• Consequential damage after a stroke
• Neurovegetative disorders
• Chronic pain patients
• and the treatment following joint operations such as after artificial joint replacement (hip and knee prostheses)

The Nuhr Medical ® Center relies on innovation

Since its inception, the doctors at Nuhr Medical ® Center have also been active in research and apply new and innovative methods to the benefit of patients. The effective treatments developed in-house with little or almost no use of pain medications are applied successfully. Specifically at Nuhr Medical ® Center: the 100,000 volt therapy by MR Dr. Otto Nuhr, which is applied in the field of pain medicine.

• Electrotherapy
• Hydrotherapy
• Therapeutic gymnastics
• Mechano-therapy
• Oxygen therapy
• Heat therapy
• Complementary medicine



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